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The Adventure of an Ingenious Life

May 31, 2015

Ingenious cover final webI love putting together collaborative books. Coming up with an interesting topic and then gathering a group of fascinating people to share their stories and perspectives. The Adventure of an Ingenious Life: Follow Your Creativity Through Doors of Opportunity is filled with stories from some very cool people.

Readers will learn from the experimentation and reinvention shared by eight authors, Traci Long DeForge, Robert David Duncan, Rebecca Ewing, Jodi Hersh, Vanessa Lowry, Ricia L. Maxie, Andrea Schlapia, and Renee Seals, along with more than forty additional contributors with diverse careers and interests. Each walked through a door—or several—to fashion the life they each have chosen.

Nearly twenty years ago, I clipped an obituary eulogizing a woman I didn’t know. The headline described her, in her eighties, as an “adventurer.” That spurred my imagination to live life as an adventure—one where I followed my creative curiosity and personal passions to connect with intriguing people and to use my experiences as stepping stones. I believe life is filled with opportunities to choose. Whether your current road is one of ease or lined with difficulty, it will soon fork. You’ll have the chance to opt again.

The book is dedicated to all who have chosen to live an ingenious life . . . and those who are just realizing they have the power to choose. In addition to author and contributor stories, the book includes an extensive section of resources to inspire readers with listings of books, blogs, articles, podcasts, videos, and social media links.

Buy your very own copy of The Adventure of an Ingenious Life here.

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Swing Thoughts

May 31, 2015

Swing Thoughts front webIt is fascinating how unexpectedly an idea for a book can emerge and evolve. Sometimes the idea comes from something we love so much that we feel compelled to share it.

David Felts, author of Swing Thoughts, says, “The original inspiration for my book occurred on a Saturday around midnight, when it first dawned on me that I was scheduled to teach a class at my church the next morning.  I quickly reviewed a few Christian-related books, and found nothing particularly inspiring.  At the point of minor panic, a stream of observations entered my mind regarding some interesting relationships between our Christian faith journey . . . and the game of golf. One thought followed another in fairly rapid succession, and soon I had a collection of scribbled notes that would become the basis for my one hour lesson.  Many of the chapters in Swing Thoughts are direct descendants of those original notes.”

When I met David, he had already been through several rounds of editing and rewrites of his manuscript. I was honored to provide design expertise and offer advice through the final stages of publishing. On the Swing Thoughts acknowledgements page, David says, “Vanessa Lowry took the reins and brought Swing Thoughts to life with cover design, layout, production advice and contacts. Her job was literally to drag me over the goal-line. And she did that exceedingly well.” Who knew dragging someone over the goal-line could be so much fun?!

Before the first copy of Swing Thoughts came off the presses, David was thinking of how to sell his book in bulk quantities of 10 to 100 to his contacts who might want to share with their family, friends, and clients. Check out how bulk quantities can be ordered directly on his book website with just a few clicks. The majority of the profits from the sale of Swing Thoughts are donated to ministries encouraging, empowering and restoring men.

Find out more about David and read an excerpt of Swing Thoughts here.

Kevin Latty, co-founder of Souly Business says, “Swing Thoughts is a remarkably concise, yet comprehensive observation of the parallels between the game of golf and a well-lived Christian life. With refreshing humility and transparency, David Felts takes us from the links of Saint Andrews to the marshes of Harbour Town while helping us understand and apply the fundamental principles of the Christian faith. It’s a ‘must read’ for anyone with a love for the game of golf and a desire to pursue more meaningful relationships with others along with a rich and abundant life in Christ.”

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Compelled to Inspire

November 15, 2013

Compelled to InspireI love working with clients who inspire me—especially when that client is already a friend. Compelled to Inspire was a joyful collaboration with Jill Felts, founder and CEO of Compelling Creations.

I helped Jill develop her manuscript from interviews, blog posts, and stories—lots of stories. Jill recorded and wrote stories of her journey as an entrepreneur—challenges she has encountered and the people who have encouraged her. I put my radio host skills to work while interviewing Compelling Creations Consultants from around the United States, then pulled out quotes from the transcripts to intersperse in the chapters. We created an outline . . . then changed it . . . then expanded it. Jill and I wrote and sent manuscript drafts back and forth many times. As we neared completion, we fine-tuned the manuscript with the help of editor Nanette Littlestone.

Jill’s jewelry designs have been central in the evolution of Compelling Creations. The impact of any art has two dialogues: the impact creating the art has on the artist and the impact the art has on the audience who views it, or in this case, wears it. In Compelled to Inspire, we highlighted popular pieces of Compelling Creations jewelry—telling the story of Jill’s creative process in designing a particular piece, how customers respond to it, and how customers and Consultants are able to share their faith and stories of their lives as they wear the jewelry. Compelling Creations trademarked tagline is “Wear It and Share It” and that’s exactly what happens.

Compelled to Inspire is filled with Jill’s reflections on universal issues that often hold us back from reaching our greatest potential. Her experiences, and those of her Consultants, guide readers to expand their view of possibilities and embrace strategies for success. This book is designed not only to share Compelling Creations’ history and purpose, but it also uses personal stories to encourage readers to release and renew their minds and spirits daily, to strive for their goals and overcome whatever is holding them back, and to journal their thoughts along the way.

Here is what Jill said about working with me on her book:

“As everyone can see from the wide variety of books Vanessa has brought to fruition, she doesn’t have a set ‘formula’ for layout and design.  She REALLY feels what the writer is trying to convey through words and matches that feeling with the visual design for the individual’s book.

“Vanessa is easy to work with, on task and on time.  After interviewing all our participating independent sales consultants, she filtered through the long transcripts to find just the right nuggets to include in just the right spots.

“It all made the story flow seamlessly.”

During the course of Jill’s book project, I also had the privilege to assist her husband, David, with the design and formatting of his book Swing Thoughts. Individually Jill, David, and their daughters are amazing, but as a family, they are unstoppable. In her book’s dedication, Jill says her family works well together because “each of us thinks we are the Robin to the other person’s Batman.”

I had the pleasure of interviewing Jill for my radio show Art as Worship in 2012. Here is the archive of that episode where Jill talks about how her art has affected her spiritual evolution and how her spiritual evolution has affected her art. During the interview she said, “Some people write out their prayers and I kind of draw them out.”

Find out more about Compelling Creations, see a catalog of their inspirational jewelry, and purchase your own copy of Compelled to Inspire.

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Stop Doing That!

November 8, 2013

OA Stop Book Cvr final webMy friend Essie Escobedo owns a company called Office Angels. Her “angels” help small businesses with administrative support, marketing assistance, bookkeeping, event planning, follow-up, and more. With Office Angels taking care of these essential tasks, the owner and key staff members are able to concentrate on selling and delivering on what they do best.

When Essie and I met to discuss ideas for her book, I recalled an e-newsletter she had sent with the title “Stop Doing That!” Brilliant! The title had captured my attention and prompted me to read the full article. After deciding this was the perfect book title, the manuscript came together easily.

Essie gathered content she had written previously for newsletters, brochures, her website, and other marketing materials. Then, with the help of writing coach Dr. Tim Morrison, they developed the manuscript for Stop Doing That! 21 Activities Critical to Business Success That YOU Shouldn’t Do. I designed the cover and formatted the interior. The result is a pocket-sized 5.5″ x 5.5″ book that is easily read by even the busiest entrepreneur.

I’ve known Essie for many years, but I learned a few things I didn’t know through her author bio in the book—that she has a degree in physics and a black belt in karate. I already knew she was kick-a** smart. . . I just didn’t know how she got there!

It’s a treat when I have the opportunity to work with a friend and help them shine. This is what Essie said about working with me:

“My book would not exist had it not been for Vanessa.  She is a marketing genius and a phenomenal graphic designer—a unique combo!  Vanessa helped me understand the value of writing my book.  She held my hand throughout the entire process, making it easy and ensuring that the end result would be the hugely successful marketing piece that it has proven to be.  Anyone who is serious about growing their business needs to work with Vanessa.”

Dr. Tim and I had the pleasure of interviewing Essie for Write Here, Write Now radio. Essie tell how Stop Doing That! serves as an expanded business card to highlight activities critical to business success that Office Angels provides for clients. Listen to the archived show here.

Find out more about Essie, about Office Angels, and purchase her book at

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The 28-Day Thought Diet

October 3, 2013

28Day cover final webWe have 12,000 to 70,000 thoughts each day. For the majority of people, up to 80% of these thoughts are negative.

For many years thought leaders have taught that choosing positive thoughts, regardless of the circumstances, can lead to a more joyful and fulfilling life. I’ve been inspired by authors including Florence Scovel Shinn, Napoleon Hill, Viktor Frankl, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson and more. In gathering the collaborators for this book, I hoped to encourage readers to experiment with their own choice of thoughts and notice how their future reality is affected.

The 28-Day Thought Diet encourages readers to choose thoughts that grow their life in a more fulfilling and joyful way. Each day, for 28 days, readers are prompted to choose a thought that energizes and supports their life.

These 24 authors joined me in the collaboration of The 28-Day Thought Diet: Christian Belz, Sandy Weaver Carman, Kristin Colier, Martha Forlines, Betty Humphrey Fowler, David Greer, Kelly Greer, Andy Greider, Patricia Hayes, Jim Hogan, Dr. Robin Kirby, Ginnie Faye Liman, Nanette Littlestone, Traci Long, Cheryl Anne McGill, Laura McGill, Tricia Molloy, Jennifer Moore, Monserrat del Carmen Pineda, Kathryn Sener, Sharon S. Smith, Mindy Strich, Jeanie Ward, and Kyle Young.

I interviewed several of the first-time authors on Write Here, Write Now radio to see how participating in a collaborative book provided an easy first step into the world of publishing. Hear what Kyle Young, Jeanie Ward, Cheryl Anne McGill, and Andy Greider said about the benefits of being part of this collaborative book.

Co-author Nanette Littlestone had this to say, “I had the pleasure of editing The 28-Day Thought Diet, a collaborative project with 25 authors conceived by Vanessa Lowry. In addition to overseeing the project, Vanessa designed the book and liaised with the publishing company to turn out the finished product. The project began with an idea in October and was completed by January 25th, a quick turnaround time for any book, especially a collaborative one. Throughout the process we were in constant communication, which made it possible for the project to maintain its speed and efficacy. Vanessa was easy to work with, always responded quickly, and asked insightful questions. Her gorgeous designs, inside and out, and her intuitive organization of the chapters make this book a memorable experience for all of the contributing authors. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Vanessa for any book project and look forward to our next effort.”

I provided the authors with a press release template they could customize to announce the launch of the book and send to their contact list. Here’s a short video that I created and provided as a template to the authors so they could create a similar video to promote their own chapter and website. This article tells you how to create your own 30-second book trailer video.

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Publishing as a Marketing Strategy

September 2, 2013

Publishing a book is becoming an increasingly popular way for business professionals to position themselves as an expert in a particular industry or niche. According to R.R. Bowker, the number of non-traditional titles published since 2002 has increased 8,460%!

Publishing as a Marketing Strategy provides the reader with a practical guide for their own publishing journey along with stories of how other business professionals have used a published book as a successful marketing tool. Publishing Marketing cover web

I love collaborating with others so after envisioning this book concept, I invited collaborators Joan Boneberg, Bonnie Daneker, Robin Hensley, Ahmad Meradji, and Anita Paul to join me in sharing their personal stories of publishing and describing business benefits they have seen as a result. I also designed and formatted the interior of the book.

Listen to the Write Here, Write Now interview where five of the co-authors talked about this book and the process of publishing in collaboration.

Here is what one of my co-authors said after being part of this book project:

Joan Boneberg said, “Vanessa Lowry is not only an incredibly talented graphic artist, writer and writing coach, she is a class person. I had the privilege of being a co-author on her recently published book, Publishing as a Marketing Strategy. Working with Vanessa was a joy because she was an excellent project manager and she set a tone that was absolutely stress free. If you have a project that she maybe able to assist you with and want to work with a talented person, contact Vanessa.”

Here is an article I wrote outlining 5 Whys and 10 How-Tos for publishing a collaborative book. If you would like to be part of a collaborative book project, contact me to see what book is in the works or to suggest a topic.

Publishing as a Marketing Strategy is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble online, and through the Connect 4 Leverage bookstore. Also available in e-reader formats for Kindle, Nook, iPad.

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Recipes for Life

September 26, 2011

I love collaborating and it’s fun to work with others who also embrace that idea. Cathy Horvath gathered stories and recipes from over 100 contributors to create her book.

Recipes for Life: Food for the Body and Nourishment for the Soul features stories about overcoming depression, grief and financial ruin, navigating change and returning to joy. Special recipes from many contributors are scattered through the book, along with stories of why these foods and memories are important. After reading Cathy’s book, you are likely to feel more hopeful, more thankful, more passionate, better about life and possibly a little hungry.

I interviewed Cathy on the Write Here, Write Now radio show that I guest host once a month. Our show topic was about writing and publishing after retiring. Hear what Cathy has to say about this NEW career she has embarked upon.

Recipes for Life is available on Amazon or you can purchase multi-packs of books at a reduced price on Cathy’s website. This book makes a perfect gift… I even gave one to my mom.

This is what Cathy said about working with me, “If it weren’t for Vanessa Lowry, my book would not have taken form as the beautiful presentation that it is. It was her creativity and skills that have impressed me from the first proof for a cover and interior design that she offered. She listens, she has patience, and most importantly…she cares for her clients.”

In addition to her book cover and the interior book design, I also designed Cathy’s business cards, bookmarks, a speaker one-sheet and her website.

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Take Me To TEXAS

September 26, 2011

I’ve worked with Walter (aka TW) Lawrence on many projects and was thrilled he asked me to design his book cover for Take Me To TEXAS. It is an anthology of short stories… all with a Texas theme. Although, one story takes place in my current town of Roswell, GA.

Walter has a great marketing mind and is promoting his book in interesting ways. He launched the book over Labor Day weekend at the Decatur Book Festival in Atlanta, the largest independent book festival in the United States.

He posted this comment on his Facebook page after the festival: “Vanessa Lowry is the graphics designer for the book cover, front and back. She interpreted my vision for the artwork in a way that made it better and in the process made it FABULOUS. An independent bookseller told us it was ‘the best cover he’d seen in the entire festival.’ WOW.”

At the Decatur Book Festival, Walt was interviewed by Tim Morrison as part of the Write Here, Write Now radio remote. You can see how Walter took the audio and combined it with photos to make a YouTube video. Very smart!

Walter had posters printed of the front cover art as another item he can sell along with his book. He also had shirts embroidered with the headline type of Take Me to TEXAS to wear when he is out promoting the book. He has developed a 20 minute business presentation on the topic of the importance of creativity in business to share with business professionals at groups such as Rotary. He is an alumni of Emory University and they are listing his book in their newsletter with other published alumni. Walt’s joining groups in Atlanta that have Texas roots to network with others who love all things Texan.

The front of the card is just the book cover. This is the back of Walt's business card.

Walt was my first client to use a QR code on his business card. He tells me many stories of how that creates a conversation with the people he meets while networking.

He and two other fellow authors will have a booth at the Texas Book Festival in October 2011 representing the Atlanta Writers Club while each promoting their own newly published book.

Walter is using this book to build an audience for his upcoming novel, Texas Cool Million.

I guest host the radio show Write Here, Write Now once a month. Walt was my guest on August 9th when we talked about using the power of your network when writing, publishing and promoting a book. Walter’s interview starts at about 20 minutes into the show.

It is fun for me to work with creative clients like Walter. We learn new things together.

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Mama Always Says…

September 5, 2011

This books of quotes published by Myra McElhaney are straight out of MY childhood. And that is really the point. These quotes are familiar because MY Mama, YOUR Mama and MYRA’s Mama said them… or something very similar.

I love working with Myra. She always makes collaborating fun and we laugh often. Myra has also started calling me her Gifted Graphic Design Goddess. I’m taking it a step further and adding the letters GGDG after my name. Vanessa Lowry, GGDG!

In the past year, I’ve helped Myra publish Mama Always Says as well as her newest book, Musings on Major and Minor Matters that May or May Not Matter.

This is what Myra says about working with me: “I love working with Vanessa! She’s a gifted graphic designer who delivers inspired designs with professionalism. She’s also marketing savvy and shares many ideas on how to build my brand and expand the impact of my projects. Plus she’s fun to work with! That’s why I call her the Graphic Design Goddess Extraordinaire! Vanessa not only designs my business cards, marketing materials and books; she helps me take my ideas to a higher level.”

You can purchase your own copy of Mama Always Says from Amazon.

Myra and I also created a t-shirt commemorating McElhaney’s Pub. Myra’s husband, Phil McElhaney, died a few years ago as a result of a brain tumor. Proceeds from the sale of these t-shirts go to brain cancer research. You can contact Myra through her website and find out more about purchasing the t-shirts.

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Improv Co-Author Brent Brooks

February 12, 2011

Brent Brooks is a man of many talents including film director/producer and improv instructor. The Art of Suicide, winner of Best Underground film at INDIEfest in 2007, was produced by Blank Stage Productions and directed by Brent.

Join Brent and other improv players every Monday night from 7pm – 9pm at Blank Stage in Marietta, GA for Improv Dojo … learn, laugh and have fun! Beginners are welcome.

Here is a comment from Brent Brooks about working with me on our book, Improv to Improve Your Business.

“Vanessa is a joy to work with and a great improviser! She was able to work with me and several of my students in the successful creation and now distribution of the book, Improv to Improve Your Business. Doing the book really allowed me to appreciate all that Vanessa did and what the work is now doing for my career.  Vanessa worked with me in pulling out the best ideas rumbling in my head about my past experiences and current philosophies of improv. She has since then looked for more opportunities for all of us to leverage the success of the book in various and positive ways.”

Other co-authors of this collaborative book include: Rick Crain, Rob Duncan, Leah Henderson, Jim Hogan, Deborah Thomas, Scott Williford, Mark Wyssbrod, Brent and myself.

Have an idea for a collaborative book? I can help you bring it from concept to creation! Contact me at 678-521-8820. Find out more about me by visiting my LinkedIn profile or watching my video profile.