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microphone webVanessa was the regular guest host of the internet radio show Write Here, Write Now from April 2011 through March 2013. All the show archives are available here. The shows highlighted below are on topics frequently asked by authors and aspiring authors. Have other questions on these topics or others? Contact Vanessa to schedule a time to talk.

Write Here Radio

Collaboratively Publishing Their First Book

Kyle Young, Jeanie Ward, Cheryl Anne McGill and Andy Greider, joined with twenty-one other authors to publish their first book, The 28-Day Thought Diet. Hear how these first-time authors expect being published to impact their businesses. Did collaborating feel like a positive first step into the world of publishing? Find out what they learned through this process and if they plan to publish again. Vanessa Lowry, who developed the concept and gathered collaborators for this book, is hosting today’s show.

Publishing to Expand Speaking Opportunities

The national chapter of the National Speakers Association released a statistic last year that 55% of their members are authors and more than half of those earn $5,000+ for a full day engagement. Today’s show features speaker’s agent, Kelly Powley, and trainer, consultant, speaker & author, Wendy Ellin. Kelly specializes in promoting speakers for events, conferences and other speaking engagements. Wendy is one of her clients and has a newly published book, Enough is Enough, Get Control of Your Stuff! Join guest host Vanessa Lowry for a lively discussion of how Wendy turned one of her popular workshop topics on increasing productivity into a published book and how having a published book impacts the type of engagements Kelly is able to book for her clients.

When Busy Entrepreneurs Write

Today’s show features three entrepreneurs who are writing their books while running their individual businesses. Jennifer Moore recently left a professorship at Kennesaw State University to focus full time on her counseling and coaching practice, Isis Consulting, while starting to write her first book. PR entrepreneurs Debbie Fitzgerald, president of Fitzgerald PR, and Ed Van Herik, founder of Van Herik Communications, are writing a book together. Like most entrepreneurs, these guests have more ideas than time, so we’ll talk with them about why they are writing a book, how they are creating time to write and where they are getting stuck in the process. Tim Morrison and Vanessa Lowry are both in the studio to ask questions and offer suggestions on moving these manuscripts along.

Virtual Book Tours, Press Releases and Capturing Attention

Sandy Beckwith has experience on both sides of the book promotion fence. She conducted winning publicity campaigns for her own books, as well as successfully promoted books for her clients. She uses workshops and one-on-one coaching to help individuals and organizations learn how to generate their own publicity. Find out more at www.buildbookbuzz.com.

Print and Audio… Leveraging Content

Are you creating audio products from your published book? Or publishing a book to compliment your audio products? Host Vanessa Lowry asks authors Dianna Booher, Sandy Weaver Carman, and Walter (T.W.) Lawrence how they have leveraged their print content to audio and their audio content to print.

The Momentum of Multiple Books

Jon Gordon’s best-selling books and talks have inspired readers and audiences around the world. He is the author of The Wall Street Journal bestseller The Energy Bus, The No Complaining Rule, Training Camp, The Shark and The Goldfish, Soup, The Seed and his latest The Positive Dog. Host Vanessa Lowry talks with Jon about his writing process and the success of his books — including The Energy Bus being in the Top 10 Wall Street Journal list of Best Sellers only few weeks ago, even though it is one of his earliest books. They will also discuss the promotional activities Jon engages in and how having multiple books published has impacted his business.

Press Kits, Promotions and Book Signings

Writing and getting your book published is only the first step — marketing and promotion are crucial to your book’s success. Join Vanessa Lowry as she interviews bestselling author Lisa Earle McLeod about the unique promotion of her latest book, The Triangle of Truth, named “A Top 5 Business Book for Leaders” by The Washington Post. Hear how new media and social networks have influenced Lisa’s marketing decisions since her first two books were published. In addition, Mimi Schroeder of the public relations firm MAX Communications will discuss the importance of creating a publicity plan for your book, the elements an author needs to include in your press kit and how to get the most out of your book signing events.

Publishing as a Marketing Strategy

Looking for new ideas to market your business? Listen to this lively discussion with five of the coauthors of the newly released book, Publishing as a Marketing Strategy. Join Dr. Tim and Stone as they interview the WHWN permanent guest host Vanessa Lowry along with her co-authors Joan Boneberg, Bonnie Daneker, Ahmad Meradji and Anita Paul. Learn how writing a book clarifies your thinking, builds credibility and works every day to deliver your message with authority.

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    […] The archives of the Write Here, Write Now shows are free to download or you can listen online at Business RadioX. Here are several interviews I hosted where guests discuss marketing and promotion for authors. […]

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