Art as Worship Radio

Art as Worship show

Vanessa hosted her weekly Art as Worship radio show from January 2012 through mid-May 2013. Over 70 artists were interviewed as research for her upcoming book, Art as Worship: Inspiration and Creativity as Spiritual Expression, anticipated for publication in 2015. Readers will be encouraged to create a deeper connection to Spirit while getting their own expression of art into the world.

Thank you to the artists interviewed for this project. (Clicking on the artist’s name will take you to their bio page with a link to their interview which aired on Empower Radio.) Artists are listed alphabetically by last name.

1. Kevis Antonio, filmmaker

2. Tammi Baliszewski, mandala artist

3. Alice Ball, papermaker

4. Jeff Beach, drummer

5. Michael Belk, photographer

6. Anita Beyer, interior designer

7. Laura Biering, coach & singer

8. Tom Bird, coach & writer

9. Lisa Black, graphic designer & farmer

10. Harry Boone, potter

11. Connie Bowers, poet & photographer

12. Jennifer Bull, author & violinist

13. Seth Casteel, photographer

14. Chuck Cogliandro, African drummer & healer

15. Jo Crawford, artist

16. Martin Dawe, sculptor

17. Jim Duggan, ice sculptor

18. Virginia DuPre, art therapist

19. Molly Elkind, fiber artist

20. Diane English, painter & cartoonist

21. Sarah Hunt Engsberg, jewelry artist

22. Rebecca Ewing, interior design

23. Jill Felts, jewelry artist

24. Whitney Ferre, painter & teacher

25. Pat Fiorello, painter

26. Betty Fowler, feng shui

27. Krista Goodrich, painter & business owner

28. David Greer, storyteller & songwriter

29. Suzanne Halvorson, weaver

30. Patricia Hayes, intuitive chalk artist

31. Deborah Hightower, singer, songwriter & author

32. Janine Hoefler, watercolorist & photographer

33. Jessyca Holland, performance artist & non-profit founder

34. Robert Hovey, dancer

35. Maria Howell, singer & actor

36. Burke Ingraffia, jazz musician

37. Matt Janke, glassblower

38. Margery Kellar, stained glass artist

39. Bernie Kida, medical illustrator

40. Kathleen Kurre, artist & photographer

41. Stanton Lanier, pianist

42. Walter (T.W.) Lawrence, writer

43. Vyvyn Lazonga, tattoo artist

44. Michael Levine, Sunmoon Pie, musician

45. Asha Lightbearer, singer & songwriter

46. Adrienne Lynch, sculptor

47. Sybil MacBeth, artist, dancer & writer

48. Juliette Mansour, photographer

49. Patrick McDonnell, cartoonist

50. Mal McEwen, chainsaw sculptor

51. Beverly Molander, intuitive painter & automatic writing

52. Cherilynn Morrow, jazz singer

53. Matt Moulthrop, wood artist

54. Carrie Newcomer, musician & songwriter

55. Kim Oberheu, plant art

56. Claire Paul, painter

57. Bonnie Puckett, Sunmoon Pie, musician

58. Sharron Ragan, intuitive painter

59. Mike Redgrave, bonsai artist

60. Melanie Rilling, natural stone jewelry artist

61. Flora Rosefsky, cut paper & paint artist

62. Michele (Shelly) Ryan, comedian

63. Crystal Slagley, cake decorator

64. Dixie Speck, landscape designer

65. Laura Strickler, bead artist

66. Michael Sullivan, sculptor & writer

67. Beth Tarkington, ceramics artist

68. Matt Tommey, basket weaver

69. Brandon Tutman, fashion

70. Karen Vuranch, actor & storyteller

71. Trevor Wolford, jazz musician

72. Kyle Young, painter

73. Roz Zollinger, healer

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