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Writing Secrets: Essential Steps to Discover How to Start

October 27, 2010

I love helping people move their dreams forward. So, it is a bonus when I have the opportunity to work with a client who also has that same passion. Tim Morrison owns Write Choice Services and he coaches writers through the process of getting their book out of their head and onto paper.

It was fun collaborating with Tim to create a strong marketing hook for his book, Writing Secrets: Essential Steps to Discover How to Start. His book outlines a specific process for writers to determine their book topic. Here is what he had to say about working with me.

“I retained Vanessa to design the cover for my newest book and to do the layout of it. In our initial meeting, we discussed the book’s contents. Vanessa offered some suggestions to generate a connection between the cover and content. I listened. I pondered. I implemented her suggestion which included a rewrite of the introduction and addition of some material in a couple other chapters. Vanessa subsequently designed an amazing cover that connects many elements of the book’s contents and intentions. Vanessa met all deadlines. Her energy and determination were infectious as I worked more diligently to ensure that the book’s contents matched the quality of the cover. Vanessa listens well and offers wise suggestions. I will continue to turn to Vanessa for book covers and book layout.”

I was recently a guest on Coach Kimberly’s radio show where we talked about publishing a book to attract ideal clients. I discussed one of the chapters in Tim’s book where he outlines seven benefits to writing and publishing a book. You can listen to the interview here.

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Uprooting Anger: Eliminating the Emotion that Kills

October 26, 2010

Uprooting Anger by Charlie CumminsI have worked with entrepreneur and author Charlie Cummins for many years. It was exciting to partner with him in designing the cover of his book, Uprooting Anger: Eliminating the Emotion that Kills. And thrilling when his book was named a finalist in the psychology division of the Ben Franklin Award from the Independent Book Publisher’s Association. The front cover received the highest review possible.

Here is what Charlie had to say about working with me on his book:

“While Vanessa has been an outstanding resource for various projects over the years, she recently partnered with me to design the cover for my book Uprooting Anger: Eliminating the Emotion that Kills. Vanessa listened closely and quickly formulated a shared vision for this project. She presented several concepts in a timely fashion, that allowed us to refine the overall design. She also provided resources to assist in my desire to explore creative images for the cover. Ultimately, Vanessa brought together all the pieces to develop front and back covers that effectively brought all the themes together. She is a trusted advisor to my firm and an absolute professional. I will continue to utilize her expertise in future projects and for my next book.”

Charlie’s book is available on Amazon as both a printed book and on Kindle.

Watch a video presentation I gave about tips for working with a graphic designer where I used Charlie’s book cover as the example of the design process.

Charlie was my guest on the Write Here Write Now radio show and talks about how he leveraged his book for more speaking opportunities.

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Days of Gratitude Carolyn and Robin

October 26, 2010

Here are comments from my co-authors about working with me on our book, 30 Days of Gratitude.Days of Gratitude Download the free e-book!


Robin Kirby, PhD, Certified Life Coach and Certified Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist

“I worked with Vanessa on our e-book 30 Days of Gratitude. The cover that she designed for our book is magnificent, as are the graphics included inside of the book. Her work gave the content of the book visual life. Vanessa moved quickly and efficiently throughout the creative process and communicate well with us from start to finish!

I HIGHLY recommend Vanessa Lowry!”


Carolyn G Buttram, Inspirational Humorist, Writer, Comedian

“Vanessa came to me in Oct 2009 with an idea and asked me to participate in the creation of a book, 30 Days of Gratitude, that we would offer as a free download. I was immediately intrigued and interested in her idea. So, with Dr. Robin Kirby and Vanessa, we set about writing 30 easy and provocative gratitude exercises. It was Vanessa’s idea that there would be one exercise for every day in November.

Within two weeks, we three had written and chosen 30 exercises for the book. I supplied the photographs and we all worked on the editing, but Vanessa single-handedly thought up and executed the layout and the graphics design of this most impressive and beautiful offering.

I have known Vanessa for a long time and I have seen her expertise put to good use in fund raising venues and networking events and knew her to be a great contributor to her community and to her friends and business associates. But I had no idea how extremely talented she is in designing book covers and layouts. If you simply take a look at the book, which is free to download at you will discover how very talented she really is.

Not only does Vanessa produce beautiful graphic design, she also is diligent and quick to respond to every question and suggestion. I enthusiastically recommend her for any book design, or any graphic design work you might need, and I completely attest to her great integrity and her willingness to be of service.

Simply stated, Vanessa is The Best.”


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30 Days of Gratitude

October 26, 2010
30 Days of Gratitude

Download the free e-book at

This is an example of an idea flowing easily and quickly together. The first week of October 2009 I had the idea for a book featuring a month of gratitude exercises. I always love the synergy of working with like-minded people, so I approached my friends Robin Kirby and Carolyn Buttram to see if they would be interested in co-authoring this book with me. We wanted to set the book up as a free e-book, not only to personally benefit from ripples of gratitude, but also to have the book become a marketing tool for each of our businesses.

And, wouldn’t it be cool if we could launch it before November… the month of THANKSGIVING and gratitude. So, we each went to our corners to write exercises. When we reconvened, we easily had created 30 exercises. Just what we needed.

I designed the cover layout and interior formatting. Carolyn is our official photographer and took the cover photo based on the concept layout I had created. She also shot the photos of each of the co-authors and provided photography for the note cards we included in the appendix of the book.

In addition, Carolyn took on the role of web designer and created our Days of Gratitude website. By Oct 29, 2009, we launched! Within a day we had our first speaking opportunity scheduled which is now posted on-line. And after three days, our book had gone international. People from all over the world, including Croatia, Spain, Australia, Canada, Indonesia and more, have downloaded our book and use the exercises to increase the amount of appreciation and gratitude in their lives.

Robin manages our Days of Gratitude page on Facebook. She posts a daily inspirational quote and we recently topped 1000 fans on that page. (Come and “Like” us there!)

We also share in a gratitude blog where we write about experiences and challenges we are having and how gratitude shifts the energy.

Some results of 30 Days of Gratitude have been: we are in contact with several thousand people more than when we started this project; I’ve had a speaking opportunity nearly every month because the book; we’ve all connected with new clients. Best of all, it has reminded me on many days to focus on the good that is in my life and let that expand beyond myself.

Here is what Robin and Carolyn have to say about this experience.

Come and download your copy of our free e-book at Soon, we’ll have 30 Days of Gratitude available on Amazon for those who want to own a hard copy of the book.

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I Love Books

October 26, 2010

I love books. I love the ideas I get, the things I learn and the adventures upon which I embark just by reading a good book. Books

My love affair with books started very young. I remember being thrilled when I could read a book by myself. I have many fond memories of carrying an armload of books home on the days the book mobile stopped at the top of our street during summer vacation.

My husband loves to read and we often share ideas or read passages to one another from one of the several books we are each currently reading.

I’ve taken my passion for books a step further. I now help authors transfer their knowledge, expertise and imagination onto the printed page and create their own book. I have nearly 30 years of experience as a graphic designer and marketing professional. In addition to my own expertise, I’ve accumulated many contacts who assist authors every step of the way, including writing coaches, editors, print-on-demand vendors, video production companies, PR firms, web designers, virtual assistants and more.

I’ve co-written a book called 30 Days of Gratitude and was the designer for both the e-book and the printed version. Download a copy of the free e-book at

Improv to Improve Your Business is an example of another collaborative book project from idea through completion. I assembled nine authors, interviewed and ghost wrote the chapters, designed the cover and formatted the interior of the book. Through my connections, we had our first radio interview to promote the book a week after it launched. The book is now available on Amazon.

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