I love to share the knowledge I’ve gathered from working with clients and promoting my own books. Below are articles that I’ve written as a guest blogger that may give you fresh ideas on publishing, design, marketing, and promotion.

9 Ways to Fuel Your Content Marketing

The smartest companies focus on content marketing as a way to engage customers and to attract potential customers. describes content marketing as, “the creation and publication of original content — including blog posts, case studies, white papers, videos and photos — for the purpose of generating leads, enhancing a brand’s visibility, and putting the company’s subject matter expertise on display.”  Read 9 ways your published book can fuel content marketing for your business.

The Top 6 Reasons to Publish a Collaborative Book

Consider these 6 reasons for adding to your publishing credits through creating a collaborative book: Get Published Faster; Provide a Broader Viewpoint; Share Ideas; Reduce Upfront Expenses; Expand Your Marketing Reach; Build Stronger Relationships. Read the full article.

How to Create a 30-Second Video to Promote Your Book

Last year, 182 million viewers watched 456.6 million content videos—a number that continues to escalate in 2013.

Take advantage of this video craze by creating a video to promote your book—keeping in mind the short attention span of those who will see your video. The completion rate for watching a 30-second video is close to 90 percent, but it drops to barely more than 50 percent if the video is two minutes. . . . Read the full article here.

5 Whys and 10 How-Tos for Publishing a Collaborative Book

A collaborative book may be just the type of project to explore as an easy introduction to becoming a published author or as an avenue to rapidly add another title to your publishing credentials. . . . Read why and how-to here.

Publishing More to Multiply Success

Publishing additional books or products multiplies your success.  That’s what bestselling authors Jon Gordon and Dianna Booher—featured as guests on the Write Here, Write Now radio show—have found to be true. . . . Read more.

Sell BOXES or TRUCKLOADS of Your Books

Even before you publish, think about who the primary reader of your book will be. Then identify companies who market to that demographic and could benefit from buying BOXES or even TRUCKLOADS of your book. Here are some ideas for generating special market sales. . . . Read more.

Pick A Date And Promote

There are special dates every month — traditional holidays, an assortment of odd observances and awareness campaign themes. Choose a special date that relates to your book topic or to you as the author as an opportunity to send press releases to newspapers, magazines, radio and TV contacts. . . . Read the full article.

Writing to Remember

I encourage you to write when all is well, as well as write when passing through a difficult time. When life is especially hectic or sad, as in an illness or a loved one’s transition from life to death, the days blur. A few written thoughts or paragraphs give expression to emotion — particularly when life feels too overwhelming to speak it aloud. Write to tell people you love them. It serves as a remembrance of sacred times, those filled with joy and those awash in grief. . . . Read more.

The Momentum of Multiple Books

One of the best ways to promote your current book is to write another book. Can that really be true? . . . Find out here.

Your Perspective Matters

Why should you write a book and contribute to information overload? It’s your perspective on the information that matters. Combining your experience, your knowledge and your feelings with data gathered provides a fresh point of view. No one else has the exact combination you do. And what you choose to focus on — your wounds and your wows — are different than others writing on the same topic. . . . Read the full article.

STOP Editing as You Go

Editing as I write kills my enthusiasm and stops my momentum. I gently remind myself to get all my thoughts down first — the good, the bad, and the ugly. When I feel the urge to edit as I’m writing, I remind myself to STOP! . . . Find out more.

10 Tips for Publishing a Collaborative Book

Publishing a book can be daunting, especially if you are researching, writing, publishing, and marketing it primarily by yourself. Find out 10 Tips for publishing your next book in collaboration with other authors. It’s simple math that thirty authors writing 1,000 words each will create a 30,000 word manuscript faster than one author can alone. . . . Read more.

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