30 Days of Gratitude

30 Days of Gratitude

Download the free e-book at http://www.DaysofGratitude.com

This is an example of an idea flowing easily and quickly together. The first week of October 2009 I had the idea for a book featuring a month of gratitude exercises. I always love the synergy of working with like-minded people, so I approached my friends Robin Kirby and Carolyn Buttram to see if they would be interested in co-authoring this book with me. We wanted to set the book up as a free e-book, not only to personally benefit from ripples of gratitude, but also to have the book become a marketing tool for each of our businesses.

And, wouldn’t it be cool if we could launch it before November… the month of THANKSGIVING and gratitude. So, we each went to our corners to write exercises. When we reconvened, we easily had created 30 exercises. Just what we needed.

I designed the cover layout and interior formatting. Carolyn is our official photographer and took the cover photo based on the concept layout I had created. She also shot the photos of each of the co-authors and provided photography for the note cards we included in the appendix of the book.

In addition, Carolyn took on the role of web designer and created our Days of Gratitude website. By Oct 29, 2009, we launched! Within a day we had our first speaking opportunity scheduled which is now posted on-line. And after three days, our book had gone international. People from all over the world, including Croatia, Spain, Australia, Canada, Indonesia and more, have downloaded our book and use the exercises to increase the amount of appreciation and gratitude in their lives.

Robin manages our Days of Gratitude page on Facebook. She posts a daily inspirational quote and we recently topped 1000 fans on that page. (Come and “Like” us there!)

We also share in a gratitude blog where we write about experiences and challenges we are having and how gratitude shifts the energy.

Some results of 30 Days of Gratitude have been: we are in contact with several thousand people more than when we started this project; I’ve had a speaking opportunity nearly every month because the book; we’ve all connected with new clients. Best of all, it has reminded me on many days to focus on the good that is in my life and let that expand beyond myself.

Here is what Robin and Carolyn have to say about this experience.

Come and download your copy of our free e-book at www.DaysofGratitude.com. Soon, we’ll have 30 Days of Gratitude available on Amazon for those who want to own a hard copy of the book.

Let me know if I can help you bring your book from concept to creation! Contact me at 678-521-8820. Find out more about me by visiting my LinkedIn profile or watching my video profile.

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