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Collaborative Intelligence

October 8, 2013

Collaborative Intel cvr for webIt is such an honor when a client asks me to work with them on another project.

I was thrilled when Dr. Rob Duncan asked me to assist with the book he envisioned which expanded on research completed for his doctorate. Rob had an outline in place, but needed to get the information out of his head and into a written form. I added questions to his outline and interviewed Rob over multiple weeks. After having the recorded interviews transcribed, Rob decided to first publish a condensed version of the interview transcripts as a free e-book. With a careful edit of the transcripts and a cool cover design, Rob was ready to upload it to Scribd. As he mentions in the quote below, the book has been downloaded thousands of times.

“It was great to work with Vanessa on my book Collaborative Intelligence. The book is based on my doctoral research into how individuals and organizations are using social media to be more collaborative and innovative. Vanessa and I had already had the experience of working together on our collaborative effort Improv to Improve your Business so I knew I could count on her enthusiasm and professionalism!

“Vanessa was terrific in working with me to master the material and present some alternative ideas on how we might best get my ideas across. In the end, we have ended up with several components that can be released over time. We have decided to go to market first with the free e-book Collaborative Intelligence: Conversations with Dr. Rob Duncan on tapping into the power of online social networks. The book has now been viewed by thousands of readers, and the feedback has been very positive.

“I am looking forward to collaborating on future projects with Vanessa, and recommend her very highly!”

Rob is a business consultant, speaker, author, sailor, actor, screen writer, and film producer. He joined a crew to sail around Cape Horn—joining a small group of fewer than 500 living Cape Horners. Based on that experience, he published Haul Away! Teambuilding Lessons from a Voyage Around Cape Horn. In addition to his doctoral thesis, Rob is the author of four books in area of business.

Rob helps organizations build better performing teams. More than just an effective speaker, Rob is also a Certified Management Consultant who can roll up his sleeves and get actively involved in improving an organization’s performance. Featured talks and seminars: 1. Team Intelligence; 2. Competitive Intelligence; 3. Collaborative Intelligence; 4. Social Intelligence. Read what participants learn through these presentations.

Find out more about Rob, including his newest creative project—a film that he wrote and is producing called Fat Punk.

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Take Me To TEXAS

September 26, 2011

I’ve worked with Walter (aka TW) Lawrence on many projects and was thrilled he asked me to design his book cover for Take Me To TEXAS. It is an anthology of short stories… all with a Texas theme. Although, one story takes place in my current town of Roswell, GA.

Walter has a great marketing mind and is promoting his book in interesting ways. He launched the book over Labor Day weekend at the Decatur Book Festival in Atlanta, the largest independent book festival in the United States.

He posted this comment on his Facebook page after the festival: “Vanessa Lowry is the graphics designer for the book cover, front and back. She interpreted my vision for the artwork in a way that made it better and in the process made it FABULOUS. An independent bookseller told us it was ‘the best cover he’d seen in the entire festival.’ WOW.”

At the Decatur Book Festival, Walt was interviewed by Tim Morrison as part of the Write Here, Write Now radio remote. You can see how Walter took the audio and combined it with photos to make a YouTube video. Very smart!

Walter had posters printed of the front cover art as another item he can sell along with his book. He also had shirts embroidered with the headline type of Take Me to TEXAS to wear when he is out promoting the book. He has developed a 20 minute business presentation on the topic of the importance of creativity in business to share with business professionals at groups such as Rotary. He is an alumni of Emory University and they are listing his book in their newsletter with other published alumni. Walt’s joining groups in Atlanta that have Texas roots to network with others who love all things Texan.

The front of the card is just the book cover. This is the back of Walt's business card.

Walt was my first client to use a QR code on his business card. He tells me many stories of how that creates a conversation with the people he meets while networking.

He and two other fellow authors will have a booth at the Texas Book Festival in October 2011 representing the Atlanta Writers Club while each promoting their own newly published book.

Walter is using this book to build an audience for his upcoming novel, Texas Cool Million.

I guest host the radio show Write Here, Write Now once a month. Walt was my guest on August 9th when we talked about using the power of your network when writing, publishing and promoting a book. Walter’s interview starts at about 20 minutes into the show.

It is fun for me to work with creative clients like Walter. We learn new things together.

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Improv Co-Author Rob Duncan

March 16, 2011

It was so exciting to meet Rob (via my LinkedIn network) and have him become a co-author of this collaborative book. While we were putting the book together, he was defending his dissertation for his doctorate— all about how businesses are using social media for business. He actually gathered all his data for his dissertation from his connections on LinkedIn.

Rob’s chapter in our book talks extensively about using the principles of improv to expand your social network. His involvement in Improv to Improve Your Business made our book an international project. How cool is that!

This is what Rob had to say about working with me on the book:

“I was one of the contributing authors of the book ‘Improv to Improve your Business’ which was developed by Vanessa. I was completely impressed by her ability to conceive of the project, find a great group of collaborating authors, and deliver a fantastic product with lightning speed. As an author, the process was completely painless for me, as Vanessa took the lead on all the necessary tasks to be completed, allowing me to focus my time on my strengths. I recommend Vanessa most highly, and would enjoy doing another project with her in the future.”

Rob is in demand as as trainer and keynote speaker. Check out his website to learn more about his programs and his other books. He has made it easy … just click on

Other co-authors of this collaborative book include: Brent Brooks, Rick Crain, Leah Henderson, Jim Hogan, Deborah Thomas, Scott Williford, Mark Wyssbrod, Rob and myself.

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