Improv Co-Author Rob Duncan

It was so exciting to meet Rob (via my LinkedIn network) and have him become a co-author of this collaborative book. While we were putting the book together, he was defending his dissertation for his doctorate— all about how businesses are using social media for business. He actually gathered all his data for his dissertation from his connections on LinkedIn.

Rob’s chapter in our book talks extensively about using the principles of improv to expand your social network. His involvement in Improv to Improve Your Business made our book an international project. How cool is that!

This is what Rob had to say about working with me on the book:

“I was one of the contributing authors of the book ‘Improv to Improve your Business’ which was developed by Vanessa. I was completely impressed by her ability to conceive of the project, find a great group of collaborating authors, and deliver a fantastic product with lightning speed. As an author, the process was completely painless for me, as Vanessa took the lead on all the necessary tasks to be completed, allowing me to focus my time on my strengths. I recommend Vanessa most highly, and would enjoy doing another project with her in the future.”

Rob is in demand as as trainer and keynote speaker. Check out his website to learn more about his programs and his other books. He has made it easy … just click on

Other co-authors of this collaborative book include: Brent Brooks, Rick Crain, Leah Henderson, Jim Hogan, Deborah Thomas, Scott Williford, Mark Wyssbrod, Rob and myself.

Have an idea for a collaborative book? I can help you bring it from concept to creation! Contact me at 678-521-8820. Find out more about me by visiting my LinkedIn profile or watching my video profile.

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