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Setting God Free

September 5, 2011

Sherri Lane and I connected initially through my book, 30 Days of Gratitude. She became a fan of our Days of Gratitude Facebook page and began to regularly comment on our posts. We became friends on FB through our personal pages as well.

While she was still writing her manuscript, Sherri called me to discuss her book cover. She believes in the power of visualization and wanted to have a compelling cover to encourage her as she was writing… to help her envision the book as completed. She even had the illustration she wanted to use, so it was a quick collaboration to create the cover. Writing can be a very solitary practice and it was an honor to assist her in bringing her book to the world.

Sherri is an author who seeks to bring out the best in others by recognizing the good in the world. Through her own powerful spiritual experiences, she has felt led to share healing and glimpses of enlightenment to others, helping them walk in faith to a brighter place.

Here is what Sherri said about working with me:

“Vanessa produced the cover for my book Setting God Free: Awakening to Miracles.  It was important to me that I have that done by someone with the right energy and feel – and I sensed that immediately in her.   She grasped the vision that I had and ran with it, producing something that had just the right feel for the message of the book.  Every step of dealing with Vanessa was not only professional, but also pleasant and easy.  She brings a wonderful presence to a project and I would highly recommend her!

Find out more about Sherri’s book at If you are in the Asheville, NC area, you may see Setting God Free in many of the area shops. You can also listen to an interview on Awakening Zone where Sherri talks about her book. Sherri also hosts her own radio show every Tuesday. You can listen here.

Let me know if I can help you bring your book from concept to creation! Contact me at 678-521-8820. Find out more about me by visiting my LinkedIn profile or watching my video profile.