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Musings on Major and Minor Matters that May or May Not Matter

January 8, 2012

I have really fun clients. And one of the most fun is Myra McElhaney. The recent project we completed together is her book, Musings on Major and Minor Matters that May or May Not Matter by Myra McElhaney. The title makes me laugh out loud and her poetry caused me to run the gamut of emotions from laughter to tears.

Here is a description of this book:

Sometimes a poem seems to be the best way to capture the snapshot of a feeling. Whether it’s an observation of life, happiness, grief or simple silliness, author Myra McElhaney writes poetry to express her feelings. Many of the poems in this book were a result of a ‘poem du jour’ challenge with her mentor and friend Russell G. Hood. She found that writing poetry was a fun, creative outlet and later discovered that when her heart was breaking after the death of her husband Phil McElhaney, she could put the pain on the page. Myra’s hope is that you have a laugh, relate to a feeling or find an insight from these Musings By Myra.

Myra was my guest on Write Here, Write Now radio to talk about her book and how her network of contacts has helped her in gathering information and publishing her books. Myra also describes how how this book came into being.

Myra calls me her “Graphic Design Goddess Extraordinare.” Just one of many reasons I love working with her!

I’ve worked with Myra on several other projects included her book, Mama Always Says, and the McElhaney Pub t-shirt design. (The proceeds from t-shirt sales are donated in Phil’s memory to organizations for brain cancer research.)

Myra’s books are available on Amazon. Contact her to order McElhaney Pub t-shirts.

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