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I Did It My Way: The Travel Adventures of Dorothea Bonavito

May 31, 2015

Dot's book frnt cvr webI greatly admire fiercely independent women. So I was thrilled with Sallie Crenshaw contacted me to help publish a book complied of her friend Dot’s travel letters. While I’ve worked with clients in many parts of the United States and several in Canada, Sallie was my first client in Paris, France. (It is a small world after all!)

I Did It My Way: The Travel Adventures of Dorothea Bonavito, 1948 – 2000 is compiled from travel letters begun when the Dot joined the U.S. Foreign Service in post-World War II Occupation Germany. Through select letters and photos, this book offers an enchanting glimpse into how a career in the U.S. Foreign Service enabled a woman traveler to fulfill her dream of seeing the world — her way.

Sallie was a friend of Dot’s for over thirty years. The two met through Sallie’s uncle Thad Crenshaw, a former Foreign Service Officer living in Paris. Dot’s friends and family enlisted Sallie to transform Dot’s archives of travel letters, photos, and travel mementos into this book. Sallie said, “This is not my book. It is your book — Dot’s friends and family. Cousins, childhood friends, Foreign Service friends, friends met during travels, and friends from Dot’s Paris days. For me, it has been a labor of love to celebrate Dot’s travel adventures and her fiercely independent spirit. This is my tribute to Dot.”

Over a span of fifty years, Dot Bonavito visited more than 100 countries and wrote over 100 detailed trip letters home to family and friends. This book exists because Dot documented her travel adventures — in a carefully guarded and organized archive of trip letters, itineraries, photos, and travel mementos. The U.S. Foreign Service gave Dot the life of independence and foreign adventures that she craved.

Retired Foreign Service Officer Patricia R. Clark shared a 50-year friendship with Dot, including posts in Rome and Paris. According to Patricia, “This book is a must-read for anyone interested in the Foreign Service and women travelers. Dot was a true adventurer.”

I had a wonderful time working with Sallie to birth this book. Sallie had these lovely things to say about working with me:

“Vanessa Lowry was recommended as an independent graphic designer who could help me finish and self-publish a book of travel letters. I had absolutely no experience in book layout and design, much less self-publishing — and I live in France. Vanessa was a genius. I sent her via e-mail a Word document/manuscript and scanned photos. She sent me back chapters to comment on and give feedback. Four months later, the book was printed and shipped. Vanessa made it seem effortless. She kept to schedule and costs, gave good advice and feedback, and had infinite patience.  I hope to find another project to work on with her. I recommend her without reservation.”

Go here to find out more about Dot, Sallie, and how to order your very own copy of I Did It My Way.

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